A 24 year-old Melbourne, Australian helter-skelter humdinger, Heard (Han Rose Dostine - neutral pronouns) pieces together struggle, feelings, joy and hope into words and drawings and some things in-between. A full-time daydreamer dealing with mental health stigma and gender dysphoria while trying to present the world as a better place, Heard's story is expressed through self-made projects like zines, art, writing and having a positive outlook on life. Get in touch and say hello :) /\.

*Blog Description Addition - Thought blogging aside from craft happenings*
POSI life appreesh, animal love, frends art/comic boosting, Harry Potter, music that shapes me, quotes I believe in/live by, inspiration and visual stimulation, weirdness and genderfuckery, DIY, Peter Pan complex, human rights importance, mental health awareness, laughter, nature and adventure, YACHT, punx, nice vibes and radical socialism.
Stay kind!

Feb 8


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